Rail Type Powder Coating Baking Oven

Rail Type Powder Coating Baking Oven

This type of ovens especially appeals to the automatic shutter sector. Powder coating oven outer part is powder coated sheet, inner parts are galvanized sheet, and it is produced as a sandwich panel by putting high temperature resistant insulation material between two surfaces. It is mounted as interlocking with high temperature resistant silicone. The homogeneous air distribution in our ovens ensures that every product you bake is cooked at the same quality and its practical use ensures that your daily production capacity is maximized. The temperature of the oven is controlled by a digital thermostat, and when the paint is cooked, it gives a warning with a horn.

Powder coating ovens are produced in the following dimensions as standard, and we produce them in different sizes depending on the need.

Width: 1500 MM ( Inner Net )

Height: 1800 MM (Inner Net )

Length: Between 2000 MM and 10000 MM ( Net Inner )

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